Mane, look.

Black people be thinking a lot!

Like a whole lot!

In my over quarter century of blackness, the continuous theme is, “Damn, can I just live?” Like what is really the issue with letting me and all my magic and melanin live?

There are so many forces that would, should let them, diminish the shine that our blackness gives! From movie theaters, to outdoor events, Spades games and graduations, can we just be allowed to be great? I mean…what is it about this magic and melanin that makes cats so nervous we need coded language and separate categories to describe the power of a group or collective of melaninated people?

As far as these right-wing State Fox News Reports, all black people be thinking is, “Damn! Can I just live?!” With the tea being spilt, sprayed and thrown scolding hot through GET OUT, we see that most people would do anything to be us, but destroy us if their ideal of blackness cannot be achieved.

From lips, to accents, to fashion, to innovation or athleticism, non-POC, want to become people of color only to toss us away like rinds of strange fruit, to quote Jesse Williams.

“Damn, can I just live?!”

-Proverb of unregrettable blackness

Black people be thinking, “You wanna be me until you get to be you. What part of the game is that?!”

How about this. In return for us teaching non-melaninated people the value of style, rhythm, minding your own business and seasonings, y’all tell the other colored people in blue, dressed in their wives’ good sheets, and dressed in the skin suits of US Senators, to stop shooting every black person they see, aight?


Then we still can’t breathe and still all we wanna do is live. Can we just do that?


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