Jidenna said, “Meet me at The Let Out.” Before y’all go ham at The Let Out, let me get you this RUNITBACK.

#IntinityWars #InfinityWarsIsJustBlackPather&Friends #ThereIsMoreBlacknessToCome #IJustCameForChad #TheseGraphicShirtsIn5BelowAboutToBeLit #TrailerEpicGreatness #OtherMomentsInBlackness

The trailer of (almost) all trailers is out! It is said that the advance ticket sales are mirroring or surpassing BLACK PANTHER. I am stoked to see this movie! As a little girl I loved comics, and the worlds they created. And with the success and representation BLACK PANTHER provided, I am more inclined to see it!

Let this current cinematic season allow you to inspire the next generation of weirdos, writers and artists! Let weird children be great! Don’t discourage the Arts! Find them! Push the child with the propensity to record and discuss and apply satire or civility! We coming to take over! Avengers: Infinity Wars is just a step!

#ThotsOnASinkingShip #DivorceCourts #PreNupChampionship #DumpATrump #RatsHaveFeelingsToo #GetAWatchSoYouKnowWhatTimeItis

I won’t lie y’all. I had to GOOGLE Vanessa Trump. I thought she was a Cheeto Satan outside baby. And to be honest, so did you (You can admit it, we friends!)! But it seems she is the daughter-in-law of Cheeto Satan and the wife-suffering of his spawn, Little Nicky (The namesake of Cheeto Satan). She is divorcing him after 12 years of being subjected to the insane level of BFBS (Bogus Fuckin Bullshit) to be married to a Tr*mp that can’t play Spades!

She said her family is proud of her. I don’t doubt it! And right on time too, right? After the Great American Hero Robert Mueller subpoenaed the records for the Tr*mp Organization not even 48 hours ago?

Chile, bye!

We know what this is!

She knows what they gon’ find! Blank paper, paper clips and problems. Gon’ getcho money, Vanessa! Don’t pull a Melania and overplay your marriage thinking you can love him out of prison!

Get your babies, your check and keep it pushing in the Gucci shoes and totes!

#Parkland #FloridaNRA #DomesticTerrorism #EmmaGonzalez #Survivor #NRANeedsToBeOnTheTerroristWatchList #LegistlationByDemonstration #FergusonTaughtMe #ShowMeWhatDemocracyLooksLike #Activism

Emma Gonzalez is an 18 year-old activist thrust into the spotlight because the NRA loves money more than anything else. And a female GOP representative in MAINE called her a ‘skinhead lesbian’ because she identifies as bisexual. Emma is one of the students of the Majorie Stoneman Douglas high school shooting whom have been prominent in criticize the NRA, serve Dana Leosch her own ass, (I know no purpose she serves other than seduce old white men whom can only remember sex to give money to this terrorist group), and be a force for change.

Emma just saw her life flip and break open in 30 days, and people she knew murdered because dude was having a “rough life so far”?

Nall. Leave Emma Gonzalez alone! She is goals right now! These students are doing something monumental! They are punking the NRA! And winning! This same silly woman (whose name I will not mention because if you are still any minority and a Republican, you are an enemy of the state of Firestarter) wrote her a apology, telling Emma how sorry she was she had addressed her in such a way.


You meant that. Y’all just mad the youth are taking over and effin with pockets! And y’all were cool with black kids dying, but white children? Mane, when Sandy Hook happened and they did nothing, I knew hope was lost. This here though? I’m cheering for them as well as I still do for the people doing sustainable work in Ferguson. It doesn’t matter what you do when people watch, it begins to matter what you do when people stop looking.

Keep gettin em, Emma. Get em!

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