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Let us consider buying a house. You want the house to be just right, even dreamed it may be. However, in the buying of the house there are these three stipulations:


Where is it?

Inclusion let’s you know there is something else yet beyond your grasp. There is something else to be sought after, worked for and to aspire. In short order, inclusion opens the door for consideration and opportunities. Without inclusion, there cannot be room for progress, mobility or consideration for future endeavors.


Can you have it?

Let’s say you have found your house. You have your money saved, realtor picked out, and even have the new carpet picked out. The realtor you chose tells you that you cannot have it, even though you have all the criteria met, just like everyone else. What gives?

Equality says and demonstrates by virtue of my existence, I am just as a good as anyone else can be. I am worthy of all good things, I am entitled to all things worked for. Despite race or economic status, I can have what I desire of this life because I am worthy to have them.


If you know where it is, know you can have it, and will it be fair?

You protest with your realtor and tell them you have all the qualifications necessary to buy the house you picked out. You have saved and borrowed and waited. You want this house!

The realtor in turn tells you he has a house in the same area, but it’s not exactly what you wanted.

Equity is to make something accessible, and almost/just like something else. Equity makes it fair, grants you a skeleton key–yet not every lock you open will be what you want.

That’s the catch, Firestarters!

What is inclusive, may not be equitable (prime example: education). What is supposed to be a source of equality may not be inclusive (prime example: voting.). There are gray areas about these topics, and as long as you live you will intersect.

In that intersection, you still are granted access. That’s the promise and premise of this nation: access–which, too, is not equitable, inclusive or boast of equality.

Yet…go buy your house.

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