It’s a Wakandian holiday! We will serve Black Girl Magic!

(Happy Black Panther Day!)

#USATeam #ShaunWhite #GoldMedals #EffThisFlag #Distractions #WorriedAboutNothing #ThisIsWhyPeopleHateAmericansWhenTheyTravel

After Sochi, Shaun White was inhuman on his gold medal snowboard run! He earned it, he was overcome and cried and…the flag drug the ground and the internet ripped him apart.

These internet patriots get on my nerves! Y’all are focused on the wrong isht ALWAYS! With all going on at “home” y’all trip off an athlete dragging the flag? Aight😒.

This is why people from other nations make fun of Americans–the stuff we need to pay attention in order to solve, we don’t because it’s easier to criticize people for stuff we don’t like or offends us.

Let Shaun live, and you do the same. People are buying assault rifles with the ease of cheeseburgers and shooting high schools up, the NRA is running Congress, and the flag he DRUG ain’t even MADE in America!

Buy by all means…carry on.

#StormyDaniels #ThisIshtHere #HowLongLord #TheHoeStroll #TheHoeHustle #TheHoeHustleIsReal


They paid this woman and EXTRA $130,000 to be quiet about her tryst with a man who is used to everything and anything being for sale…knowing the value of nothing. And to credit? Stormy is smart! She really, truly is. She supposedly has a dress with proof of her encounter with this client now president.


All I have to offer is…watch where you aim. You never know who is watching–or washing.

#UsedUp #Ashtrays #SoulVacancy #JustWriteTheBookSis #CelebrityBigBrother #OJustForOhNo

There is no other use for Omorosa. None. The grace she pretends to possess and the class she thought her MBA paid for grants her countless opportunities for fuckery and coonery. She’s on Celebrity Big Brother–and at this point? I got nothing for sis. Not NATHAN. She’s whispering secret fears to Ross The Intern about how bad everything is, but we tried to told you sis!

She was talking bigger isht than a Lotto winner about this Cinnamon Stalin nightmare! She got him a prayer shawl, a black card for the coons on call, and told us ALL how we would have to bow down to him!

All nall, sis!

And then to run to the next chance to have yo ass where folk can see you?!

Aight sis.


My mother told me the best way to get back at people is to show them up and better. For all her talent, connections and favor this is as best she can do. In the age of Wakanda and all things unforgivably black this is goals?! She is a degreed, disgraced Instagram model. I will not suffer to speak of her anymore this year.

I love myself too much to be allowed to be brought so low as to be a Queen Coon.

Game peeped, set and matched.

Maybe next week will be better, Firestarters.

Maybe next week will be better.

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