Going To Wakanda

So, I’m excited…I’m Christmas morning knowing I got the Barbie Dreamhouse excited! My squad and I are going to see BLACK PANTHER on opening night Friday, February 16, 2018. I cannot wait. It’s to the point I have minimized even looking at the trailers because I just want to stay surprised. I want everything I see to be new, to be wondrous, and just be able to take in everything that I see…

In preparing myself to even see this movie, I have thought about films, representation, and what it means to be seen or support ‘a black movie’. I thought about the career of Chadwick Boseman. I pray for him earnestly. I pray that this role encourage him as a black man and an actor. It’s beyond being BLACK PANTHER at this point. There will be so many young, gifted and black children whom will have their idea and representation, meaning of blackness and to be black expanded.

That itself is dope.

I saw the TIME magazine cover for this week, and broke into tears. I don’t know why, but I surmise the portion of me that is writer, comic nerd, and unapologetic black girl is ecstatic because the tide is changing. There are more people that look like me doing the things I secretly wished to do. There is a validation that I feel as a black woman and an artist which I cannot explain, but it is a sensation beyond joy. It is beyond a pride of community and self.

It feels like I have gotten a key to a treasure chest. In that treasure chest, I see possibilities, renewal in the arts and confidence. I see progress. It’s not perfect, but the chest is opened now. And we know what is in it–hope.

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