Aunt Jackie For The Wins

Jackie Aina is a makeup artist whom became a YouTuber, and now she is known by those in the know as a beauty guru or beauty blogger.

I am a fan of Jackie Aina! I have been a fan of hers for the past 5 years at least! I’m talking about when she was still lilpumpkinpie05 on YouTube. I thought she was insightful, funny and unapologetically black. Her tips were relevant, her makeup was bomb, and I loved how confident she was as being a black woman.

On the platform that is her YouTube channel (which is no longer lilpumpkinpie05,but her actual name: Jackie Aina), Jackie speaks confidence and swag to this life as a black woman, and the frustration of the intersection of being a beauty consumer, as well as a woman of color.

Honestly, she had said nothing on her channel that I had not already thought, said or experienced. The last video I watched was titled: I Don’t See Color–A Makeup Tutorial. In about 14 minutes, she demonstrates why Black Girl Magic is real and self love as a black woman is a radical act.

In this video, Jackie discusses discrimination, people that say “she talks about race too much”, and why the people that take issue with her are mad when she mentions she as a consumer whom is a woman of color, can’t find a foundation match. #TheBrownGirlProblem

“When people say, they don’t see color, they literally mean it! People don’t think it should be acknowledged that someone is different than you….literally being told ‘I DON’T SEE YOU.’

-Jackie Aina

As Jackie concludes her video, she said, “It can’t just be me

Trust, it ain’t Jackie. It’s really not. And it’s frustrating and it’s hurtful to be made invisible in a consistent, economic basis. The killer part? She’s not wrong! Just not heard…even when she’s heard. Representation matters. Black women matter–not just our dollars. We matter and, damn! We like to look pretty too! These 14 shades of beige and three shades of Toasted Almond, Caramel and Espresso ain’t gon get it!

Black women are constantly in intersections. We cross them, make them and lead others through them. It would be nice, every once in a while, we not be hit in the same place for just trying to do something everyone else can do with no problem.

4 thoughts on “Aunt Jackie For The Wins

  1. Black women and men! have faced so much pain and hurt throughout the years. I mean it goes further back, wayyy back like during slavery. It almost seems as if those wounds never really healed. Black women and men are so powerful so unique in our own way. I’ve never seen hair grow like it grows from our crown. I’ve never seen skin like the color of our own. Don’t say you can’t see it when clearly it’s the one thing people try to avoid. We’re amazing not just physically— but mentally and spiritually. & people hate that we have that much power over every other race who really cannot relate to us on so many levels.


  2. #truth I’ve learned to love the skin I’m in and I actively seek out other confident, beautiful black women for tips on how to be unapologetically black and proud! We definitely need more representation and not just on “our” channels! We need to be visual every where!


  3. Whew! That hit right in the chest. I hate when people make the statement that they “don’t see color.” I agree with Jackie. It’s disrespectful and people don’t understand how hard it is to identify with bloggers and youtubers as a person of color. She’s going to express what she’s lived and been through. She’s going to continue to be a voice for those that don’t have one!

    Kudos to you for being her words to life!!


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