Over The River Jordan

Jordan Haworth Peele.


The sexiest thing a man could ever do for me–make me think. I watched Get Out from my couch with my husband and I am still unraveling, chewing and dissecting the Easter eggs he dropped in it. And this is going on six months after seeing this movie. The more I thought, the more I thought about his writing, the more I liked him and his talent–the more he forced me to think–the hotter he became. I’m just saying…

In this lusting over his talent, and swimming through his work and viewable imagination–my best friend tells me the Academy Award Nominations were out this week–and Get Out  was nominated for BEST PICTURE, Jordan for BEST DIRECTOR and Get Out for BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY.

I was at work when she told me and burst into tears. All of me that was unapologetically writer was like, “Get em, J!” To my knowledge, this is the first horror movie to be nominated for an Oscar. An Oscar. This was validation to my acknowledgement of my admission that I was indeed a writer, and was right to fight to get back to my first love:  words.

I follow Tananarive Due on social media  (Twitter, specifically), and I pick her brain randomly about writing, and she is always gracious, and has answered my panicked writer questions. When Get Out premiered, I had tweeted her about wishing *Octavia Butler were alive to have seen this.

By no means, am I saying Jordan now needs to carry the weight of the potential of every black writer coming after him–that’s impossible to do, and unfair to ask of him. However, it was and is amazing to witness this resurgence of writers, rediscovery of writers of color. Unless you write, you can’t totally grasp what is happening right now. You cannot know how important this announcement is–and before you start your phase with “But the Oscars aren’t really for us, Sis!”

I would agree with you, and then quote a girlfriend mine. She said the reason they keep us out is,

“When we get in, we take over and become the best of any profession.”

-Dr. Angel Holcomb

There is no lie in this statement. You need only look around you with the ability to access Google. I’m looking forward to the Oscars–I’m hype to see them! I’m excited to see Jordan to raise this gold statuette and tell the world either kiss his ass or thank you.

I love the resurgence of black writers, the recognition of black horror as a genre, and the remainder of the doors left to be kicked in so we all can get over and see these Promised Lands we, too, only could read about.

I am excited, my dude.

For the culture, for the future, and for us.

*-Octavia Butler is a writer whom did not want to be classified as a sci-fi writer, but most of her work has a dystopian theme or sci-fi context. Her most known work is Kindred, and I encourage  you to read her work. She was brilliant, and time has not diminished that. She is an author, a writer, worthy of respect and admonishing.

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