Don’t never let people tell you what you cannot do.”

-My Daddy, Richard L. Bush

#RESIST #SHITHOLECOUNTRY #DONTGETMAD #DOSOMETHING #Equip #WorkSmart #ChangeTheSystem #PUSH #ProtestUnnecessaryStiflingHumanity #PleaseUnderstandShitsHectic #PutUselessShitdaHellaonsomedamnwhere

Black people have always had to save America. When Roland S. Martin said this yesterday on his podcast, I shouted. It’s always been minorities and people of color to challenge these insane principles and force this nation to grow up and do everything it says it will for all people.

The American Dream is a fairytale born from the blood of the poor and working class.

I’m not going to rehash what the Chief Alligator of the River that flows through Hades said. He is exactly who he is. He is the racist, useless, shiftless grandson of a pimp whom is now trying to pimp the nation. The GOP in relentless pursuit of erasure and power, they keep bending over for Daddy, don’t they?

Register to vote.

Get involved with resistance work.

Find a passion and work with people of similar passions or start a movement yourself.

He is who the (bleep) he has always been.

But who are you if you remain silent when crises hit?

Who will you become if you don’t?

#AuntieO #H&M #OprahWinfrey #Family #PUSH #GoldenGlobes #Awards #WeShine #BlackBoysAreNotMonkeys #TeachPrincesHowToBeKings#TeachThePrincessesHowToBeQueens

#Solidarity #Election2020 #OprahIsBetterThanPresident

Stop asking Auntie O to be President!

Stop! Effing! Asking!

Oprah has found her niche and doing her work. Don’t give her something else to do. Do not give her something else to do–you find something to do! And as far as H&M is concerned? This is not a mistake. There is no retraction, no apologies, no ads to reshoot…

Black boys are not monkeys.

What am I saying?

We as people of color must remember to value ourselves, and consider what it means to be an ally. Oprah is Oprah and needs no help! However what talents and skills are you harboring which would influence those around you so they are not subjected to exploitation by companies like H&M?

I made no mistake about how I felt about the Golden Globes. I have made no secret about me being unapologetically black and any space I inhabit is a black girl space.

Any space.

However, this is not the time to add energy to crazy. We are in a time of upheaval and change and we must be able focus on vision not agenda. When we don’t focus, that’s when we get these Ls and these political and emotional fades. Don’t fall for it.

Teach the Princes how to be Kings.

Teach the Princesses how to be Queens.

Simply stated–teaching and impartation are essential to equipping towards where you must go.

Luvvie Ajai says she owns her status as a professional troublemaker or a starting domino. You have have be brave enough to begin–in the beginning we find the place where it is we’re supposed to go–in that going, we leave a trail to follow.

Blaze a trail.

Find a work.

Or like me, start a fire.

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