When Stones Tumble

There was a Jewish guy that I liked moons ago that told me to “Show me pictures of your city and I can show you where the Jews live.”Then he laughed. It struck me as an odd statement but in the midst of our conversation, he clarified. There was a young man that I dated whom, upon retrospect, was anti-Semitic. And racist. Our most vehement arguments came from the topics of religion and race. I was not going to be talked down to because of my faith in God, or be shamed in to regretting being black.

This past Tuesday, in a local Jewish cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri (my ‘hometown’) there was a case of vandalism:  about 100 grave markers were disturbed or destroyed in some way. Cowardice. Bigotry. Even the dead cannot rest in peace from it.

When I was growing up, my mother and father told us to respect people no matter whom they are, were they are or what they believed in. It baffles me that this type of hatred still exists! What do yo get out of hating people? Do you realize what energy is expended to do that? What else could you be doing?

I have walked past that particular cemetery in University City, and 2 other cemeteries in St. Louis that indeed have a Jewish legacy. As a believer in Christ, these are, those are, they are my relatives through Christ. Do people forget that it was through the line of Jesse (a Hebrew), came David and then Jesus? It’s insanity. Shear insanity.

What malice to harbor for another group of human beings whom only want…to live. Think about the planning it took, the amount of people that needed to agree to it, the logistics and duration. Think about that. They had to either jump a fence, or break in (if its people you HATE why go bother them, living or dead?!) and just tear through the lot and just knock all they could handle and smash all they saw. Why? They ‘hate’ Jews. No arrests have been made in this attack. Yet. And I don’t think there will be honestly.

The 40 year educator Ms. Jane Elliot, whom has conducted experiments dealing with race for all her career and life, called racism a mental illness. I agree. It has to be. There has to be something maladjusted to your thinking to have you believe and assume because of the color of your skin, ethnicity or religious experience makes you better than someone else. I have never once thought being racist would SOLVE anything. It doesn’t give room for anything. It’s a cancer. It has to be confronted and diagnosed and eradicated. It cannot be pacified or reasoned with. It is deeper than the stones that were toppled. And we have to be willing to help set all that was broken right again. There is no more time to watch them fall.

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