We The People, Are People

noblesse oblige:


  1. The moral obligation of those of high birth, powerful social position, etc., to act with honor, kindliness, generosity, etc.


In the offense of man, there will always be one that remains to be honorable and share memories–then known as history. Of this, here now, is no difference. It is of a curious deft and straddle by which we confront race and sex in this country. Even in confronting it, there is confrontation. It is an odd thing to be a part of something by which you have no ownership of–even when your blood have flowed into the soil to yield those self same roses.

Melissa Harris-Perry said race is our “thing” in this country, that definitive thing–strange and normal. Yet, in that normality, the normalcy of racism and bigotry cannot be ever seen normal. It can never be normal to see those that indeed reflect humanity to have it stripped from them. In that stripping, it must be done,  has been done, in such as way that those effected do indeed notice. People notice the slights, the political prestidigitation and the  non-personification of fellow human beings due to ideology of convenience. That convenience granted the right to those in power to kill and execute with impunity.

To the face of that, the voice of that I ask the same thing my foremothers asked, “Ain’t I a woman?” I ask if I indeed am worthy of being both black and woman, as defined by the intersection of my humanity or does my blackness negate, conflate or disparage everything about me which follows? In the world by which I navigate, that answer waxes and wanes to leave wanting.

In this age of ‘white allyship’, we find ourselves still confronting what it means to be classified as the ‘good white folk’ colloquialism my grandmother would use. What indeed needs to happen lies beyond conversation. What needs to happen now is beyond protests and other demonstrable agreement shows. What needs  to happen now is the process of dismantling. We  must examine what it is to believe what we believe and whom told you that it was correct. There must be a dedicated addition to the knowledge pool by which  we draw back truth consistently. The good thing must be the right thing so the right thing is always the good thing.

We must confront what it means to be an ally and ascribe duty to it, rather than implied convenience. We have to be at a maturity to maintain allyship beyond fad and valleying trends. The cause for freedom, justice, independence are of unlimited importance to those oppression effects. It goes beyond feeling, or convenience, or echelon. However, it is with earnest I implore allyship to consider what they have agreed to support. They must understand that allyship is service not opportunistic and deceptive. There is no room for an imposter allyship in a forward progression. It is the antithesis of such movement.

Understand that there are lives and causes to dedicate ones life to, however, there are  those than cannot handle such a swift divorce. These causes are dear to us because they are the taken portions of us that others have taken to never return. Most notably:  self.  When I am no longer seen as all that I am, in the face and image of God by the fellow creation, that is not a fate I am willing to incorporate into my being. I shall not, will not, nor ever be denied of my humanity by those whom think it sport to disperse it in times where my silence is needed more for a common goal:  my compliance to silence.

Now, this time, no that is not what is needed. Here ally means alliance, allegiance:  which is necessary. It is needed because in order to succeed, not just fight,  we must have a common goal, not an assimilated agenda. No longer can we be silenced, be-swayed, dismayed or ignored. We resist because we will not longer assist in the murder of our futures…and our present selves.



We will live to not die in order to show man is redeemable, and it is that compassion to redemption which leads us to act. So, act we must.




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