In Sessions

“…appealing to the better angels of our nature…”

-Michelle Obama, wife of 44th President of the United States, Barack H. Obama.


Jefferson Beauregard Sessions is a bigot. He’s the worst kind of bigot. He attempts to hide his views behind the law and degrees. He is the worst kind of bigot because he believes that oppression and de-personing of people whom are different is both righteous and necessary. He is the worst kind of bigot because he mistakes tenacity toward error and evil for valor of cause. Senator Sessions is a bigot.

The widow of Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote a letter to the a federal committee almost 30 years ago to protest his a federal appointment as a judge. Then, her voice was stymied by Senator Strom Thurman, but vindicated by Edward “Ted” Kennedy. To that end, he was stopped, by those that believed the words of Edmund Burke:  “All it takes for evil to prosper, is for good men to sit and do nothing.” Ah, but here comes the 45th President whom has regard for one color:  green.

The history of his bigotry as detailed by Mrs. Coretta Scott King, to be read in the hearing and record of this current Senate, by the senator from Massachusetts, Senator Elizabeth Warren, was silenced by the Senator Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell. With indignation, he says, “She was warned. It explained to her. She persisted.” She PERSISTED. I stewed about this, and until I could only boil.

This is indicative of what has happened to women and people of color since the recording of time and the collective memory known as history. Sessions is a throwback to the affirmation of whiteness as godhood. This notion that what whiteness constructed, it would uphold without opposition. It would stand without rebuttal, without voice and without languishing criticism. He is the embodiment of what remained unweeded from the the gardens fairness and promise. He, along with the white maleness masquerading in the highest realm of legislation in land, have cast their lots towards what they deem most worthy:  themselves and all they hold dear. He is what my mother and father told me to watch for and my grandmothers ran from. He and those that believe like him are the evidence that the work we thought was over is far from it.

I was taught to respect the integrity of the law. These laws of these lands are meant to assist and help all those that are in need of them for defense and survival. For the Senate to be blinded, so blinded to the plight of the people they are oath-sworn to serve, only allows me to further believe these in power care only for power. Absolute power can only be wielded by an absolute God. Sessions is not it. McConnell cannot channel or harness it. Ryan cannot fathom it.

The better angels of our nature have now becoming warring because it is time. It is their time, our time, to fight. As the weeds of Sessions grow, as McConnell flourishes among the healthy ivy of change, and Ryan hinders any sustainable accountability, we too, are their reminders that change is indeed here–it has not lost its voice or power. Change cannot be silenced. Change will not be smashed flat or stolen. As injustice remains, those that seek justice remain.

Confirmation is not the acceptance of what cannot be changed. Confirmation is what those that are like minded have agreed to tolerate, agree with and engage. In this, we too, engage. We challenge because to give up, to not resist, is our destruction. We are alive and remain, and shall not go quietly in the face or racists relics. We will fight. In resisting, in this movement of resistance, we find the better angels of our nature–ourselves.




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