It isn’t enough that the foundation of this nation was poured with blood, sweat and bone of the people whom were enslaved, oppressed and murdered. It isn’t enough that the proceeding 44 presidents we of the same ilk as the “founders of this great nation.” No, now we have the system in place that is pledged, has pledged, the utter destruction of this nation. The threat of an Obama legacy must be eradicated.

So in that eradication, the-this Republican party as aligned itself with the bare-base of its “supporters”. Has pledged no speech, no seek, no action that dare be contrary to the kakistocracy, plutocracy planned. How DARE a black man RUN our country?

And there we have it…

Behind the veils of sophomoric legality and assuaged compromise, we have point blank and rudimentary racism. The GOP has destined itself for destruction of epic proportion and happy to take us all along with it.

It is far beyond reason and reasoning now, the crux being those that decided to dissuade the “better angels of our nature” are now faced with the vultures whom wait for the last pulse of hope for better in the bodies of those that remain. It has become more important to re-establish every fetter, chain and weight attached to the life of this nation that was. This idol worship of the past, remembrance of all things white and unfair. The worship of exploitation and oppression, the grandiose affections of power leading to the death and dismantling of entire peoples.

How luscious it is to be drunk with such power? To have the ability with thought and word to condemn, scorn, rip and upend the lives of those you must subvert in order to feel superior?  How those whom support this dogma, how it begins to root within them, how they lust for that power again…

At the last death throes of this system, where those whom were last strive to be first, and have attained the highest office in the land, here comes the kicks and screams of those whom have always had, believing that all they have gotten has been under and in their own strength. Now, that this is revealed not to be so, and at worse FADING (God FORBID it be fair!), they grab onto air and memory–the what was.

To have it truly again, be ‘what it was’, all traces of the undesirables must be scrubbed from national memory. There is just one problem with that. There are single memories and their are corporate memories. Single memories are specific to person, easily dismissed. Corporate memories are not so–too many people have seen and witnessed. This is what is known as HISTORY.

We know there was change, has been change and will be change. We are alive and remain. We know that President Barack H. Obama did as best as he could in the face of racism, fear, subversion, oppression, sabotage, and utter legislative irresponsibility and inaction on the part of Congress. Yet, he stood–unbowed. Yet, a portion of nation he swore to defend, lead and protect still called him to bow in the presence of white supremacy at the name of nigger.

See, we remember. We shall remember. We do remember. We cannot forget the best of us, whom in the face of the worse of us, did the best for us. This means we have no choice, BUT resist such erasure. We will resist such erasure–the nature of our mutual humanity demands it.




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